In 2011 this was what some marketing professionals considered the future of campaigning: personalized video content. Quite difficult to explain how this should work - but to keep it simple: some of the pictures in these examples show my or the creative director's name - in the background, written on a door for example - and if one of these videos would have been delivered to you, back in 2011 - it would have been your name I think.

Unfortunately the show was called "Glücksberger" which is pretty lame. The shoot itself was fun and well... we tried to keep it simple. We really did.

Director & Editor – Ole Wiedemann
DoP – Andreas Modde
Producer – Martin Ginzel
Assistant Producer – Timo Schmidt
Audio – Alexander Gasteiger
MakeUp/Styling – Julia Primus
Audiofx – Sebastian Müller
Agency – Brandactivist
Client – Microsoft