After the previous campaign had been all about the inner life of hair dressers, WELLA decided to do another one that tells things from the client’s perspective.

I casted more than 70 hair dressers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland until we decided to shoot with these 6 „couples“. Good choice – finally we got the:

πŸ†πŸ† EFFIE AWARD 2016 πŸ†πŸ†

Director – Ole Wiedemann
DoP – Johannes Praus
Lighting – Philipp Meise
1st AC – Hannes Greisle
2nd AC – Erik Koschnik
Producer – Mark LΓΆbnitzJennifer Heruday
Music – Hofkapellmeister/Sebastian Mueller
Production – RPM / revolutions per minute
Client – Wella

Cast – hairdressers & their customers

Inga und Attila – Conturen
Hans und Silvia – Der FriEseur
Mandy und Olaf – Erdmann & Schmitt
Janine und Tim – Ponyclub Berlin
Joachim und Jennifer – RAUSCH
Lisa und Ralph – SCISSORYS Friseure