Back in 2006, when I worked as a Videoproducer for MTV Networks our job was to collect music videos and clips for the new online channel "MTV Overdrive".

We asked the major labels for content but - it sounds weird - back then the music industry was not willing to show music videos online. It was 2006 and they were afraid of losing CD revenues. Due to this lack of content we decided to produce something on our own.

My colleague Zoltan talked to some smaller labels and in the end I met up with Ercandize and the Optik Records crowd and joined them for this one day in the Ruhrpott area. Trying to catch the vibe with a Sony VX1000.

I still like it. The lyrics, the vibes, the memory. Ercandize never did it for the money but for the love of hip-hop culture. Big up!

Dir, Cam, Edit – Ole Wiedemann

Production Company – MTV Networks Germany

Record Label – Optik Records
Back in 2007